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Message from the President

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Welcome to the new website of the CNCE. It reflects the deep changes introduced on the council in an attempt to take up the challenges facing up our foreign trade in an ever-increasing complex world.
This complexity is a feature of all times, but it is made more complex by the overload of information, it is accelerated by the tyranny of immediacy and the dictatorship of emergency. Deciphering this complexity is therefore a strategic stake to increase our country’s economic potential. The task implies information monitoring and competitive intelligence, two practices enabling to monitor the environment in order to anticipate threats, seize opportunities and seek new markets wins.
That is why the CNCE has adopted a business monitoring and intelligence device and embraced thus an approach fitting into the digital era that continues to experience major advances: the creation of massive data processing solutions enables the exploitation of these data potential for competitiveness gains. The challenge therefore lies in giving the right information at the right time to support decision-making.
The CNCE, a catalyst of monitoring and a center of concerted analysis of issues related to all aspects of our foreign trade.
The diversified composition of the CNCE, the presence of private and public actors make of the council an interface between brainstorming and action, a bridge between policy makers, experts and businesses, a crossroads of political, economic and scientific knowledge. In short, it is an implement to mobilize all energies and pool all efforts because the stakes of foreign trade exceed the issue of its imbalance: choices in matters of foreign trade are far more important to be limited to wealth and jobs generating since these choices design our economic growth model. Therefore, there is shared responsibility to inform about these choices and to weigh up their effect to position our country as a winner in terms of international trade, without overlooking the fact that trade is far from being a factor bringing peace to international relations.
To sum up, it is basically a question of acting in complexity, and this often comes down to making decisions under uncertainty. That is why anticipation, and not reaction, becomes crucial because anticipation here means action and value adding: anticipating deep trends and surface effects without trying any predictions because the future cannot be predicted, the future must be prepared!
''Our shared ambition: make our country a globalization winner''
Nezha Lahrichi
CNCE President