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In terms of decision making support, the NFTC conducts independent analyses meant to provide public and private decision makers with the information they need to design their strategies and policies for the development of foreign trade. For this purpose, the NFTC:

• provides invaluable insight and advice on any matter relating to external trade in goods and services;

• makes suggestions as to ways to strengthen the competitiveness of Moroccan products and services in foreign markets;

• drafts outlook notes and analytical reports on foreign trade performance;

• shares strategic reflections and considerations with public and private decision makers about the effects of public policies on the performance of foreign trade;

• collects, sorts out and processes national and international data relating to foreign trade and economic related activities, the aim being to facilitate access to information with high added value.

In terms of market and strategic intelligence, the NFTC sets and updates trade profiles of:

• Morocco’s partner and competitor countries to inform economic operators and policy makers about trade opportunities and potential as well as about the risks that may impact the Moroccan market positioning;

• the sectors deemed strategic for the Kingdom of Morocco through continuous monitoring of  their evolution and prospects that are likely to impact the performance of these sectors in foreign trade;

• the main products exported or liable to be exported by Morocco through analyzing the developments of global markets of these commodities and identifying factors likely to impact their performance;

• the main products imported by Morocco and the imported goods directly competing with domestic products in order to inform economic operators and policy makers about risks for locally produced commodities.

The Council can also undertake, in return for payment, market and strategic monitoring of target markets or of the Moroccan market at the request of private economic operators or their professional associations.