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African Blue sees ‘best blueberry crop yet’ in Morocco, says Costa exec

Now in its ninth year of production, a pioneering blueberry project in Morocco is in an ideal position in 2017 with one executive seeing a very strong crop and positive market conditions as well. P

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Good growth prospects for Moroccan avocados

In recent years, the cultivation of avocados has expanded in Morocco, reaching a production of about 12,000 tonnes per year.

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China Railway Back in Morocco for Marrakech-Agadir Railway Talks

China Railway is back in Morocco, for the second time since June, to talk to the ONCF about the construction of a high-speed rail (HSR) between Marrakech and Agadir.

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Nigeria And Morocco Sign Gas Pipeline Deal To Link Africa To Europe

Nigeria and Morocco have signed a joint venture to construct a gas pipeline that will connect the two nations as well as some other African countries to Europe, Nigeria’s minister of foreign affair

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